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10 Commandments
  1. Every member should sit and eat together at least one meal in a day.
  2. The entire family should recite Rosary together, read scriptures together.
  3. The family should sit together in the church and attend the mass together (Our father hand in hand; exchange of peace, etc.)
  4. Say a word of appreciation to each member every day.
  5. Spend an hour in a week together in entertainment. (Hotel, Game, TV, etc)
  6. Share with the other members what happened during the day.
  7. Try and put your family before your friends.
  8. Keep your voices down
  9. Look through old photo albums and discuss with your family members or discuss on your family celebrations, joyful moments.
  10. Call your brothers, sisters, daughters and sons and wish them Jesus.


Contact Information

Bishop’s House
Kankavli 416602
Dist Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 (02367) 233475/ 232061/ 232661
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Facebook.com: Sindhudurg Diocese

Forth Coming Event in the Diocese

28th Oct - 30th Oct

Retreat for 8th, 9th and 10th Std. students in Navsarni Kendra

1st Nov

All Saints Day

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