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We Need You

My dear friend,        

Even though we've never met, I venture to call you 'friend' because, as someone said, "A stranger's just a friend you do not know". Hopefully, by the end of this letter, you will get to know us sufficiently, to call yourself our friend.

Allow me, therefore, to introduce myself.

I am Alwyn Barreto, recently appointed Bishop of the newly erected Diocese of Sindhudurg. This diocese covers the districts of Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Kolhapur, the Southern most districts of Maharashtra, bordering on Goa.

We minister to 30,000 Konkani / Marathi speaking Catholics and 53,36,000 Non-Christians spread over 25 parishes, served by 44 priests and 101 sisters. Our Catholic flock is mainly rural, farmers and fishermen. Their occupation being seasonal, they are economically poor, living barely above subsistence level.

While we do minister to their spiritual needs, our ability to care for their social, medical and educational needs is severely handicapped by the lack of funds. Which is why we need friends. Friends who can help us, help the poor and the under-privileged in our diocese, regardless of race or religion. Our main focus is on education and health care. Education, we believe, will give our young people a sense of self-respect and provide a platform for self-help.

Healthcare, here, is not easily available and needs to be addressed to. In addition, we need Social Centres, Vocational and Technical training Institutes to give our youth a trade and keep them away from vices. Plus we need to have orphanages and old age homes for the destitute and the aged.

So, as you can see, our needs are infinite: our resources finite. Which is why we need your help.

Our monthly expenses for assisting the parishes and running the Diocese comes to approximately Rs.2,00,000/-(US$5000). We cannot expect support from our parishioners who are very poor and look to us, instead, for help. So we need to build up a Corpus Fund that will provide us with a monthly return to make us self sufficient.

We, therefore, come to you seeking your assistance. Whatever you can spare, will be gratefully welcomed by us. We cannot offer you much in return, other than:

  • our assurance that your contribution will be used as per your wishes.
  • our hospitality when you visit our Diocese.
  • our grateful thanks, and
  • our prayers where we will offer 20 masses every year for the intentions of our benefactors.

If you feel you need to know more before you befriend a stranger, please feel free to ask. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

Yours sincerely in Christ,


Bishop Alwyn Barreto
Bishop of Sindhudurg

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Contact Information

Bishop’s House
Kankavli 416602
Dist Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 (02367) 233475/ 232061/ 232661
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