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Two Rockets exist in Cerulean City. Nothing we can do for them at the moment, so continue west now, and battle with the Scientist in the next hallway. The treasure ball contains a Calcium. In this secret hideout you will find Team Rocket up their usual nefarious tricks, including hoarding stolen Pokemon and researching how to force evolution. The first thing you need to be aware of is that you CAN skip a lot of the battles if you want to. As you will recall there are some doors to open on this level, so head down the center hall to the south just before the defeated grunt and then north, where you will find a Silph Co. Open the door to the south and the door below that, then return to the main hall and head west and south, then west again to the beds where we can rest.

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It was with this fight that I leveled my 5th team member to 42, and you will likely either have already done so or be close to that now. Although he won the battle, Professor Oak gives the win to Green, effectively making her the second runner-up the tournament, after Blue and Red. The odd thing about this guy is he yells "You traitor!

Leaf pokemon rocket grunt team rocket poke leaf
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Team Rocket Grunt (Trainer class)

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Leaf pokemon rocket grunt team rocket poke leaf
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Leaf pokemon rocket grunt team rocket poke leaf
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Welcome to Saffron City

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Leaf pokemon rocket grunt team rocket poke leaf
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Green (Adventures)

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Team Rocket Grunts

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