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Chinder - Our lady of Mt. Carmel Church

(02365) 246550Chinder-Our-lady-of-Mt-Carmel-Church

Tal. Malvan
Dist. Sindhudurga 416 614

Catholics: 477
Families: 101

Short History: Originally there was a chapel under the jurisdiction of Phanaswadi parish. The Parish Priest of Phanaswadi would cater to the spiritual needs of Chinder. About 23 years back a resident priest was appointed. For some time the priests from the neighbouring parish of Masura would also help the people spiritually.

Clergy: Fr. Raymond Lisboa (Parish Priest); Fr. William Saldanha (Priest in charge of Vijaydurga)

Religious: Daughters of Mary Immaculate (dmi): (02365)246524

Prayer Group, Altar Servers, Youth Group.

St. Francis Xavier Chapel—Achra


Contact Information

Bishop’s House
Kankavli 416602
Dist Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 (02367) 233475/ 232061/ 232661
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Forth Coming Event in the Diocese

28th Oct - 30th Oct

Retreat for 8th, 9th and 10th Std. students in Navsarni Kendra

1st Nov

All Saints Day

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